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SME finance marketplace, integrating risk scoring that includes ESG.

HQ: Santa Clara, United States | Industry: FinTech | Invested: 2020


Crowdz is a Fintech company working to simplify B2B payments with a platform that makes sending, paying, and selling invoices much easier for SMEs. They will accomplish this by utilizing Ethereum-based smart contracts to record invoices and supporting documents on the blockchain. By also integrating with smaller accounting platforms, this will help small businesses manage their cash flows in a secure and immutable manner. Crowdz also provides a Sustainability, Risk and Financial (SuRF) Score that integrates ESG metrics in a wholistic risk assessment for investors.

Market drivers

Working capital allows small businesses to cover expenses, take on larger contracts, focus on sustainable growth, and keep communities thriving. Yet the SME segment is a highly underserved market, with traditional supply chain finance (SCF) solutions estimated to address only 10% of the total market.


Crowdz is integrating ESG into its risk score for funders. Successful SMEs are vital to inclusive growth, new jobs, and skill development. For example, Facebook partnered with Crowdz to deliver Supply Chain Finance as a Service to its marketplace sellers providing a lower cost of working capital.

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