Lake Parime

Renewable-powered digital infrastructure for High Performance Computing (HPC).

Headquarters: London, UK | Industry: Technology | Invested: 2020


Lake Parime designs, builds, and operates High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems, powered by stranded renewable energy, for applications such as crypto currency mining, visualization, AI, and modeling. The Powerbox, is a modular, mobile data-center solution that monetizes variable and surplus electricity production for renewable asset owners.

Market drivers

Matching energy supply with demand load remains one of the greatest economic challenges facing renewable energy providers. When demand is low, intermittent generators are forced to curtail their output to the grid by either storing excess energy locally, or in most cases, halting production entirely with significant financial impact.


Lake Parime’s Powerbox solution improves the financial profile of renewable energy operators, supporting further investment into the sector, helping to decarbonize the grid.