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Battolyser Systems

The world’s first integrated battery electrolyser system.

HQ: Schiedam, Netherlands | Industry: Energy | Invested: 2023


The Battolyser® technology provides a fully flexible, efficient and scalable integrated battery and electrolyser solution: The electrolyser produces low cost green hydrogen when power prices are low due to the Battolyser's ability to be intermittently active in the same way as renewable power on our grids are intermittent – this electrolyser can switch on and off in a second.

The battery provides clean back-up power and offers trading opportunities when grid connected. Combined, the flexibility ensures 100% green power for production and allows for industrial owners to throttle production to meet industrial production schedule. The Battolyser is built for the future grid increasingly powered by renewable energy.

Market drivers

Hydrogen can offer a clean energy solution to parts of the economy that are difficult to decarbonize, such as industrial processes, industrial and domestic heat, and hard-to-electrify transport (e.g., heavy-duty vehicles or ships). According to the Hydrogen Council, in a net zero world demand for clean (renewable and low-carbon) hydrogen could increase from 90 million metric tons today to 660 million metric tons in 2050, making up 22 per cent of the final energy demand globally then. Strong government support and ambitious decarbonization policies make the European hydrogen market the fastest growing and potentially the largest.


While producing it requires energy, hydrogen is emission-free at the point of use. Truly sustainable hydrogen production requires full integration with intermittent renewable energy sources, secure supply chains, and sustainable material use. Battolyser Systems enables the production of the lowest cost hydrogen and is also the most sustainable solution, using fully recyclable materials, minimizing energy losses and maximizing the use of renewable energy.

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