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Automated decarbonization platform for SMEs.

HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands | Industry: Software | Invested: 2023


Coolset’s software platform enables businesses to accurately measure, understand and report their climate impact across industries, as well as build a reduction plan through data analytics. Fully integrated carbon removals allow companies to purchase verified offsets to remove what cannot be reduced. Catering to the specific needs of SMEs, Coolset’s platform is an automation-first product aimed at serving teams without prior research, with minimal human input, and with the shortest time to value in the market.

Market drivers

Regulators and enterprises are pushing SMEs for climate transparency. 50,000+ EU companies will be required to report sustainability-related information in 2024 if they have more than 250 employees. Enterprises are demanding environmental transparency, with 200+ large cap enterprises such as ASML, Unilever, Nike and Microsoft calling on suppliers to report on climate. Automated footprint calculation is the number one request by companies to comply with these demands.


SMEs are critical to the success of the green transition in the EU, since SMEs are currently responsible for around 60 % of all greenhouse gas emissions by enterprises. Coolset allows SMEs to accelerate the transition to sustainability through affordable, automated tools that comply with the GHG protocol and help companies achieve their net zero goals.

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