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Travel management and sustainability in one tool.

HQ: Copenhagen, Denmark | Industry: Software | Invested: 2023


Goodwings is a business travel management tool, with a built-in carbon calculator and emissions reporting, decarbonizing travel by having Goodwings pay for biofuel with part of its commission. Airlines, booking agents, and travel management tools typically offer biofuel as a premium add-on, whereas Goodwings’s innovative business model means that companies can decarbonize their business travel at no additional cost and through a superior experience.

Market drivers

Businesses are being required to calculate, reduce, and report travel emissions, both from new legislation (EU-CSRD) and multiple stakeholders, e.g., vendors, investors, and employees. This poses a challenge for most SMBs, as they do not have sufficient ESG skills or resources, their travel data is fragmented, and they do not have big budgets for decarbonization.


Air travel is a significant source of global emissions and is predicted to account for 12-27% of 2050 global emissions. Air travel emissions are increasing 70% faster than initially expected by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is estimated that business travel represents about 15-20% percent of that global travel. Goodwings is accelerating the decarbonization of business travel by making biofuel affordable.

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