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Comprehensive sustainability software for every business.

HQ: New Jersey, United States | Industry: Software | Invested: 2022


Sustain.Life offers comprehensive sustainability software to measure, manage and report carbon emissions and environmental impact. Aimed at SMEs but scaling to large organisation as well, it is designed to be usable by teams without expertise to ensure compliance with evolving reporting frameworks taking shape across the United States and Europe.

Market drivers

The carbon accounting market is at an inflection point, given increasing pressure from regulators, enterprise buyers, investors and other stakeholders. Planned regulation and voluntary commitments are driving more and more companies to report Scope 1-3 emissions, growing the market to an estimated $20 billion.


Sustain.Life will give thousands of businesses the insights and tools to reduce emissions. By making the software easy to use – through automation, integration with accounting systems and utility providers, supplier and employee surveys, and more – Sustain.Life will accelerate adoption.

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